Parish Strategic Plan

Aerial View of St Jude

The 2010 Parish Strategic Plan provides a framework for fulfilling this responsibility.The strategic plan offers a snapshot of our current status, a vision for where we want to go, and a plan for accomplishing that vision.

The framework of the parish strategic plan consists of seven overarching pastoral priorities.These seven pastoral priorities define who we are as a parish and the direction the Holy Spirit is leading us.The plan provides a theological context for each pastoral priority based on Sacred Scripture and Church teaching.     
Each of these pastoral priorities has goals and objectives.As you will see, some of these goals and objectives have already been implemented. In those instances, the objective of the plan is to maintain and strengthen those efforts.  In other cases, new or expanded goals have been set. In these cases, the plan details clear steps to accomplish the goals.

Whether the goals are new or old, achieved or proposed, success of this plan depends on each person in the parish.  Each of us has the vocation to holiness. Each of us has a God-given set of gifts and talents for the purpose of achieving holiness.Each of us has the sacred obligation to return to God a portion of our time, talent and treasure as an expression of our gratitude, a profession of our faith and a demonstration of our belief that our gifts and talents are important and necessary for the building of God’s Kingdom.

The 2010 St. Jude of the Lake Strategic Plan detailed in this booklet provides a comprehensive roadmap for the future of this parish. The plan offers a vision for our future and establishes clear goals for achieving that vision. As you read and study the plan, please take inventory of your gifts and talents and be open to the ways God is calling you to share those gifts and talents with the community as a means to your own holiness and the building of His Kingdom.  God promises to bless this work with grace upon grace.

2010 St. Jude of the Lake Strategic Plan

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