Youth and Young Adult Formation

Intentional Discipleship / Faith Formation

In times past, Faith Formation was known as Religious Education, a name that implies the conveying of information.  Certainly there needs to be shared information, but Faith Formation is much more. Faith formation goes beyond informing, to forming disciples, disciples who will take on the Mission of Jesus: To Love as He Loved.  It is our goal that ALL will be transformed.

Summer Opportunities


Be a part of what makes Vacation Bible School so GREAT!

Service Assignment Areas: As a Crew Member, your first priority is to serve the students of VBS. Jesus is your model in this service: caring, listening, and focusing on the other person, open to changes rather than one's own wants, and all done with a smile on your face

Crew LEAVE events:

  • Private showing at Marcus Theater of Finding Dori
  • Vertical Endeavors (waiver must be turned in to go on this field trips)
  • Bowling at SunRay
  • MN Sea Life at the MOA
  • Lunch and clean up

On line registration is coming soon. Download a registration form.

Extreme Faith Camp

Extreme Faith Camp is designed for students completing 6-8th grades. It is a week-long camp held at Camp Courage with all the usual fun sport activities: high ropes, 9-square-in-the-air, swimming, canoeing, Gaga Ball, archery, and Wacky Olympics. Included in the Camp is a built-in faith component: we have confessions, Mass, pep talks/prayer for middle schoolers, and a girls and boys night on how to be a son and daughter of Our Lord.

Students completing the 9-12th grades are team leaders. The 9th graders participate in all the fun activities plus make up the Prayer Team. The high school juniors and seniors are Small Group Leaders with other adults who act as a support team. This a leadership opportunity for the high school students.

We have a yellow school bus which will pick us up at St. Jude on Monday at Noon (eat lunch first!) and return us to St. Jude on Friday afternoon about 2:00pm.

Extreme Faith Camp Registration

Steubenville On the Lake

The Steubenville Youth Leadership Conference is primarily an invitation to spiritual formation and fellowship opportunity with thousands of young adults. High school youth from across the United States have their faith awakened and their hearts set on a fire through a personal encounter with Jesus. The students will hear dynamic speakers (Paul George, Sean Forrest, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Sr. Miriam) who will instruct and challenge teens on their prayer life, chastity, service to the poor, leadership, and the power of the sacraments. You will discover that Catholicism is not for the weak and timid; it is not tame; and it is not boring! Our live musical band will be the Twin Cities own SONAR.

Along the way to Kenosha (WI) we will stop for a service opportunity and spend the night. On the way home, we stop for fun!

Our coach bus departs at 7:00am on Thursday morning and returns Sunday night about 10:00pm.

Steubenville on the Lake Registration

St. Jude of the Lake Catholic Leadership Team

The St. Jude of the Lake Leadership team is composed of high school students who have an active faith life and integrate this faith into their daily lives. The mission of the Leadership team is three-fold: (a) to deepen the faith life of the individual members; (b) to provide Catholic leadership training based on character development; (c) to provide opportunities for leadership in the Church.

Leadership models usually begin with an assessment of skills, gifts, and personality. Very few programs attempt development and formation of character as its basis. We aim for the latter model, namely that a Catholic leader is someone who understands the teaching of Jesus as the center of their life, created in the image and likeness of God, rather than simply a static personality or a skill set that someone learns. This means that faith and character are the foundation upon which skills are nurtured.

Catholic Leadership Team Application

Sacrament of Confirmation: 8th Grade

The Church has always respected the sensus fidei of the faithful. Pope Francis writes, “As part of his mysterious love for humanity, God furnishes the totality of the faithful with an instinct of faith – sensus fidei – which helps them discern what is truly of God.” In consultation with parents and staff, we have decided to offer the sacrament of Confirmation to students at the end of their 8th grade year. This year, the 8th and 9th grade students will receive the sacrament in late Spring. Confirmation small groups – whose mission is forming disciples - will be held on Wednesday evenings at 4:15 (8th grade) and 6:15 (9th Grade). Retreats, speakers, and other activities will occur at other times. The 10th grade students will meet on Sundays, and be Confirmed on November 14th, as planned.

Forming Disciples (8th grade+): In the years following Confirmation we plan to have opportunities for full immersion into the young adult life of St. Jude: exciting events [The Underground!], group and mini retreats by grade level, leadership formation opportunities, dynamic speakers, small gatherings for prayer and bible studies, Music ministry, and service opportunities. Students: I welcome your ideas!

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Young Adult Ministry

Young adults are those aging from 18 – 30 in the parish that are looking for opportunities to learn and laugh with other people of the Catholic faith. This archdiocese has a lot of great resources out there for Young Adults to take advantage of. Soon we will have some chances for us to spend time with other Young Adults of St. Jude but in the mean time please don’t hesitate to get on board with one of the many other Catholic Young Adult groups in the area! Visit or