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Lent is a good time for us to fast

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 3/09/18

Dear Parishioners,

Lent is a good time for us to fast. There are various physical benefits to fast. There are spiritual benefits from fasting. Fasting helps us to become stronger both physically and spiritually.

Fasting is good for the body. In studies, fasting enhances the ability of nerve cells ... Read More »

A note from Fr. Cory

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 3/02/18

Dear Friends in Christ,

Following the Second Vatican Council, Rev. Pedro Arrupe, S.J. found himself Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the largest religious order in the world. Arrupe responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and traveled across the world exhorting the Jesuits to reclaim their ... Read More »


Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 2/22/18

We need God’s help, the Holy Spirit, especially during Lent, to look at sin in our lives and root it out.  We also realize sin in our world and how we as Jesus’ disciples are to do what we can to help others avoid sin. 

During Lent, we are ... Read More »

Be Like John

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 12/07/17

Clearly, John the Baptist was NOT from Minnesota, locusts and wild honey aside. Had he lived in the wilds of Katherine Abbot park the Gospel message would look something like this:

“Thanks for coming. Way to take time out of your day to come out here into the woods ... Read More »

Building Faith

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 11/09/17

Building Faith

Like most parents, I have big dreams and hopes for the future of my children. And even though my kids are older now, and the hopes are no longer about making certain teams or getting good grades, there still are hopes. I still hope they choose the ... Read More »


Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 10/06/17

Dear friends in Christ,    

As Catholics, we are called to be patriotic.  A patriot is one who loves the land in which they live, their neighbors and fellow countryman, and those who have gone before us.  A patriot is called to be loyal and work for the good of ... Read More »

Welcome Fr Beda

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 10/06/17

Dear Friends in Christ,

It was nice having Partners for Hope at St. Jude this past weekend. They are our friends who work in Tanzania, Africa providing a medical clinic, opportunities for children to study in school, catechesis programs, supplying water to different villages… and now we are helping ... Read More »

Tanzania Update

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 8/16/17

Dear Friends in Christ,

On Monday I met with Partners 4 Hope Tanzania. During the meeting I was reminded of the rich history of Tanzania. Julius Nyerere was the first president of Tanzania in 1964 after they gained their independence from England and Germany. He was a Catholic! He ... Read More »

Who is Jesus?

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 8/01/17

Who is Jesus?

At some point, we will all have to answer this question.

For Peter, James and John who witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus, it must have been an incredible experience filled with awe, astonishment, fear and joy all at that same time. Jesus was showing them who ... Read More »

The Ordinary in Extraordinary

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 7/25/17

The Ordinary in Extraordinary

The Gospel reading is a reality check for those of us who work in the Church. The devil has never gotten so much print time! Also known as “the enemy” or “the evil one” in Scripture, this sad and forsaken spirit has had a lot ... Read More »