Browsing the March 2017 archive of St. Jude News

Browsing the March 2017 archive of St. Jude News

Resurrection Rolls

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 3/29/17

Any time we can really make learning hands-on, meaningful, and fun, I am IN!.

My sister shared the idea of Resurrection Rolls with me years ago. We used to make these with our kids when they were much younger. The opportunity gave us the time to grab their attention, ... Read More »

Prayer, fasting and mercy

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 3/22/17

Dear Friends in Christ,

I want to return to the Lenten and biblical themes of prayer, fasting, and mercy. Prayer knocks at the door, fasting obtains, mercy receives. These three are one, and they give life to each other. St. Peter Chrysologus says, “Let no one try to separate ... Read More »

The Lenten Journey

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 3/14/17

In our first reading, the Lord says to Abraham: “Go!” Leave behind everything you know and love. “Depart quickly!” On a journey with no clear destination. “You are chosen!” And blessed. In essence, the Lord says, “You have to TRUST ME. I have your best interests in my heart, ... Read More »

Do you avoid confession?!

Posted by Kathy Giuliano on 3/02/17

DO YOU AVOID CONFESSION?Did you know that I suffered from confession-phobia for many years? Like 25 of them. In my childhood, I attended Baptist services and VBS where both the Divine Vengeance and Divine Mercy aspects of God were vividly preached. I was taught to tell God I was ... Read More »