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Building Faith

Nov 9, 2017

Building Faith

Like most parents, I have big dreams and hopes for the future of my children. And even though my kids are older now, and the hopes are no longer about making certain teams or getting good grades, there still are hopes. I still hope they choose the right friends. I hope they choose the right person to marry. I hope they choose to have a close relationship with Jesus.

When I have a quiet moment to watch them, I often find myself wondering about their future. What will the great challenges and passions of their lives be? How will my son and daughter develop into the man and woman they were born to become?

And before long, I come to the most important question…How will I pass the faith on to my kids?

No doubt it’s beneficial to enroll your kids into a faith-based school or a faith formation class, but there is more out there than any teacher can do…and that’s the role of faith that a parent can bring to their children.

If you are a parent of a child that will be receiving First Reconciliation, you have a fantastic opportunity to come alongside your son or daughter to the retreat on Saturday, December 2 and to participate in the sacrament with your child on Saturday, December 9. Both events will take place from 10 am to noon at St. Jude’s.

Have kids younger or older? There are other ways to build faith, especially as Advent draws near at the end of this month. Learn to pray using an Advent wreath or invest in an Advent calendar, help your kids participate in a coat, toy or food drive, assist a neighbor with yard work…even a small amount of time can make a significant impact when you share it with your children.

Julie Doyle
Family Faith Formation Coordinator