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Come Holy Spirit, Come!

May 9, 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

There are many exciting things happening in May: Ordinations to the priesthood, Mother’s Day, and last Thursday we had our St. Jude of the Lake Confirmation at the Cathedral. As I think of these blessed people and days, the parable of “the pearl of great price” comes to mind (Matthew 13:45-46). This scripture passage talks about the kingdom of heaven as the pearl of great price. Many people don’t see the pearl and walk past signs of heaven or the Holy Spirit working in this world. For those who do see the works of God, they are willing, to sell all that they have for this pearl that others don’t even recognize.

Mothers as the great pearl: Maybe we see it clearest in our own mothers. It is usually at the time when we have matured when we can see past our mother’s quirks to the deep hidden sacrifice and love that our mothers have. Our mothers sold out -sold everything - to nurture us in their wombs and put their lives on hold to give their children attention. I don’t doubt that most mothers did and would give their lives away in order that their children would prosper. One of the best ways they can help their children prosper is to teach them the hidden pearl of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Moreover, to teach them that the love and sacrifice of motherhood comes from this same kingdom living.

Confirmation as the great pearl: On Thursday, May 10, fifty-seven St. Jude teenagers were confirmed in the Holy Spirit. I wonder how many of them experienced the pearl, that is the presence of the Holy Spirit in this sacrament? When we receive the sacrament of Confirmation God passionately desires to flood us with spiritual fruits. The question is: How much capacity do we have to receive? Also, will these confirmation students begin to realize that they are being handed a special and specific mission? Life is most fun when we allow our lives to fit into the mission and plan of God, instead of fitting God into our mission and plan. May these newly confirmed recognize the great pearl they have been given.

The great pearl of the priesthood: On May 26, another group of priests will be ordained to the priesthood. I know we priests don’t always look like pearls but what we carry is a pearl. We can carry the kingdom of God and share it with others. Please pray for our priests.

Do Whatever He Tells You – John 2:5

Deacon Gabriel is thanking all of you for being part of his journey to the priesthood. He is so grateful for all your prayers, your love and support to him throughout his studies in the Saint Paul Seminary.

Deacon Gabriel, and his diocesan brother Deacon Raphael, will be shipping their belongings back to Ghana after their graduation from the seminary on May 18th. This is a costly endeavor to move from one continent to another. With the help of a friend by name Troy Thies, the logistics are underway and it is estimated that it will cost them $6 ,000 -$7,000 to get all their belongings shipped home.

If you are considering a gift in honor of his ordination, please consider helping him in his shipping and traveling expenses. You can send a check to St. Paul Seminary in his name.

Come Holy Spirit, come,

Fr. Cory