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Encouraging Kids to Pray!

Jan 19, 2017

THE GIFT OF PRAYER~ Encouraging kids to pray!

It is never too late to encourage your child(ren) to talk to God. Here are a few (hopefully helpful) ideas:

  • Teach prayer as a conversation with God. You can talk about anything!
  • Let kids see you (the parent) pray. The best way to educate and encourage is by example.
  • Give kids a starting point. Encourage prayers for family, friends, pets, school, local and world events. The Five Finger Prayer is easy to kn7mh1b0am0f420xyjuze1u2g2l.jpg
    remember and a constant reminder.
  • Provide friendly reminders. Make prayer rocks (find a rock and decorate it or cover it with material) and put it on the dresser or on the side of their bed as a reminder. Kids could even make one for the entire family!
  • Be supportive. Remind them, provide opportunity and encourage to keep it up!

Parents, here is a prayer suggestion for you…

A Parent’s Prayer

Thank You for my children, LORD; I know they are a gift from You. Daily I need Your strength and wisdom to train them in the way they should go. Give me patience and a joyful heart; let me be an example of Your love and forgiveness.

Thank You, Father, for the honor of being a parent. Amen