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Goodness, Truth & Beauty

May 19, 2017

Last Thursday, 43 of our students “entered into full communion” with the Church during the sacrament of Confirmation. You’ll get a good look at them on June 4th at our Rite of Acceptance Mass (9:00am). Archbishop Hebda is big on building community; young adults are vital to the faith and he wants them to have a part and a place. Thus, we’ll have some new prayers and a reception for our newest members. But what then?

A large number of our students will continue to grace us with their presence at Mass each Sunday. A few of them will attend only a couple of times a year. And heart-wrenchingly, there is a small subset I will never see again. That truth hurts. Why do some folks consider Confirmation, “The Sacrament of Goodbye?” and why is it, as my brutally honest small group of public school girls noted near the end of the year, “Not very many kids act Catholic at school. When we walked into this room on the first day, we were so surprised! We had no idea there were this many Catholic kids in our grade.”

Perhaps one reason is that we have unintentionally neglected Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. Called the transcendentals, they are gifts for us “orphan children” from our Triune God. They are qualities that when we see them on earth, we know they reflect something of God… and our souls yearn for more. When we orient ourselves to the transcendentals, joy and harmony flourish. Goodness permeates authentic friendships. Truth, animated by love, infuses teaching and action. Beauty finds a home in our liturgies and sacraments. When we live our lives like this, people are drawn to our faith community.
This week, let’s channel Goodness, Truth, and Beauty, and #beDisciples so that others will #beComeDisciples.