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Holy Door Reflection

Sep 29, 2016

I was completely humbled as I entered the St. Paul cathedral; I thought, I was convinced that I knew the way through the door. Not so, Not so.

My mouth agape, my face red with humiliation. I begin the slow walk around the cathedral looking and not finding the door. All the while, I'm hearing an organ playing, warming up, actually going through some kind of musical scale.

My anxiousness is being tempted to move toward anxiety but it’s being slowly, gently guided by the music from an organ. I still haven't found the door. Yet, my humiliation has turned into a quest, a humble searching, the music from the organ is slowly building in volume since entering the cathedral.

My senses are fully engaged and now my intellect has kicked in...Where are you...Holy door? I leave the nave, and proceed along the interior outer passageway and my eyes catch a glimpse of a white drape over a door. It's gotta be the door...the organ music is  getting really loud even in the outer passageway. I look up above the door.  A sign: Porta Sancta

I'm thinking, this has gotta be it. I cross myself, my intention is for me and I whisper; I accept your mercy Lord. I pull open the door and walk over the threshold into the nave and … Yes, all the stops have been pulled to deafeningly whisper….Oct 23rd after the 11:00am Mass, we'll walk through together. Until then my friends


Holy Door Pilgrimagezekn35rrqunwzl5wf9qqttjomll.jpg

St Paul Cathedral
Sunday, October 23rd, 12:15 - 4:30 pm

  • 12:15 Holy Doors and indulgences explained
  • 12:30 Adoration begins
  • 12:45 Stations of the Cross
  • 1:30   Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • 2:00 Carpool to Cathedral
  • 2:30 Prayer on Cathedral steps and procession through Holy Doors
  • 2:45 Prayer on other side of Holy Doors
  • 3:00 Tour Cathedral
  • 4:30 Depart Cathedral