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Jesus is King

Nov 10, 2016

Dearest Friends in Christ,

Wow! I think the country is shell-shocked after the election. Some people are excited about President Trump “draining the swamp” of government, and  others are ready to move out of the country. Either way we have to make it work. I think Trump’s greatest appeal was that he didn’t seem to care about democrats or republicans.
It was interesting that there was a major election going on at the same time as our retreat, “Ablaze.” I would have to say that everyone at the mission voted. At the same time, they had the attitude, “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). We had a realization that as important as the government is, it is Jesus who rules this world. We submit and put our lives in the hands of our King not the government.

During our retreat we also learned that there is a place and responsibility for us to get involved in this world even at the level of government. The church teaches us to see ourselves as missionaries going into the world. We are to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world. Can we live the Kingdom life in the natural world? Absolutely. That is what Jesus did. He did it as a human. Yes, Jesus was fully Divine but he put that aside while on earth. He worked not out of his divinity but his
humanness. That means to do miraculous things as a human he had to be in communion with God and operate under the Holy Spirit.

That is what we are being called to do. We are human and we are trying to live the heavenly kingdom out by the power of the Holy Spirit. As we go through life trying to succeed in sports, our career, building up of our education, and financial position which are all good things; we will put one thing above these: Jesus Christ is Lord. Therefore, we will put love before the above-mentioned goals. We will put service and knowing God above them. We will follow Christ, worship, and bring out the kingdom of God above all.

What would it look like to have the mind of Christ? When we go to buy something we would not get scrupulous but consider whether this fits into our mission. We would align our finances with simple living. We would spend time in prayer. When tempted to Gossip we would bless the person instead. We would learn to be patient with others out of love and so on… Most of all we would be inspired by the Holy Spirit to make the name and person of Jesus known and loved in this world.
Elections can be shocking. But if you really want to shock someone show them the power and love of Jesus.

Fr. Cory Rohlfing