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Let's Keep the Generosity Flowing!

Jun 3, 2016


We are pleased and grateful with the generosity that so many of you have showed toward the capital campaign. We are halfway through the campaign now, and can see light at the end of the tunnel. Our goal of eliminating all our debt is within reach. We are currently at $333,066. That is exciting. It simply wouldn’t be St. Jude’s if we didn’t have an interruption somewhere with a “special announcement.”

As many of you recall, during our Duc in Ultum Campaign, Fr. Talbot made a special plea halfway through the campaign to ask for $250,000 to repair our balcony as it had become unsafe. Not surprisingly, you responded and produced the results needed. I guess it’s my turn now. We have a leaky roof that is in need of repair and our leadership has decided to proceed with a repair plan this summer. The roof has a warranty of 10 years and has 17 years on it. It has been leaking and costs us $1,000 every time they come out to repair it.

We have already collected about half the needed amount during the spring dinner: $45,000. We will need another $50,000 to complete the project. Please consider giving to this project as it is a necessity.

I ask you to consider one more request. Once again we have been awarded a $50,000 challenge grant from CSCOE, Center of Catholic Excellence. In order to receive any of this money we have to bring in $50,000. The financial health of our school has been stabilized by this grant in the past and will be in the future. With this money we can go beyond filling a financial gap and invest in things that make the school strong. This grant is like the roof investment. It is not a desire but a necessity if we are to continue to progress.

What I am asking in total is $100,000. Please consider giving to one or both of these great needs. Everyone can give someone and any amount is welcome no matter how small. Let’s raise the roof and fill the classrooms. Please be generous.

God bless,

Fr. Cory Rohlfing