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Pentecost is a great celebration of the Holy Spirit

May 15, 2018

Dear Parishioners,

Pentecost is a great celebration of the Holy Spirit in the Church. Pentecost is considered the birthday of the Church. Through the power of the Holy Spirit the Church is guided and grows through new members. 

Jesus said that he would send us another Advocate. At the Last Supper, and before Jesus ascended into heaven, he told his disciples that he must leave so that the Advocate could come. The Advocate is the Holy Spirit, who comes at Pentecost.  Jesus has to leave the world and be fully glorified in heaven before the Holy Spirit can come.  In other words, the Holy Spirit, can only come to unite the Church when its head, Christ, is capable of directing the rest of the Mystical Body of Christ, through the his Spirit, the Holy Spirit. 

The Church is born on Pentecost because the Holy Spirit, the unifier and bond of love in the Church, comes to be with and in the Church, the People of God. The Jewish Feast of First Fruits occurs on the day of the Resurrection of Jesus, Jesus is the first fruits of the resurrection and all of us are called to follow after him. The Jewish Feast of Weeks or Shavout, which is 50 days after the Feast of First Fruits, commemorates the day that God gave the Law to the Israelites at Mt. Sinai.  Pentecost is 50 days after Jesus’ Resurrection which implies that just as the Israelites were given the Law which guided them so to we as members of the Church are given the New Law, the Holy Spirit, who is written in and on our hearts (Jeremiah 31:33).  The Church then ultimately, is not something but someone; it is Christ the head with all the members united in the Holy Spirit.  

We know that the Holy Spirit is guiding the Church. When Jesus founded his Church on Peter near Caesarea Philippi, he told Peter that the gates of hell would not prevail against his Church. He promised Peter and us that the Holy Spirit would be with the Church to guide her, keep her safe, and bring her to full stature at the appointed time. Jesus assured us that what the Church teaches, how she guides us on faith and morals will never be wrong. In the two thousand plus year history of the Church, one will not be able to find a single time when the Church taught a Truth on faith and morals and then changed its teaching; it has changed its disciplines but nothing on faith and morals; Truth never changes. 

When the apostles left after the Holy Spirit came upon them, they were on fire with the faith. The faith which Jesus had stirred in them, the seed that Jesus had planted, burst forth and was manifest in part in their courage and zealous proclamation of the gospel, especially the good news of the Resurrection of Jesus, the reward which awaits those who are born of water and the Holy Spirit and who persevere through the life’s crosses. The law, which was written on the hearts of the disciples, burst forth with powerful expression and witness moving others hearts to change. 

Mindful of the disciples call, we like them, as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church, are called to express the law written on our hearts, to share the good news, the salvation of our Lord with others. With the power of the Holy Spirit moving and growing in us, we can be those witnesses in the world, living our lives in the hope of the future that awaits us, a future of being with our Heavenly Father and Christ our brother, our head, in heaven for eternity. 

God bless you, Fr. Kubista