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Resurrection Rolls

Mar 29, 2017

Any time we can really make learning hands-on, meaningful, and fun, I am IN!.

My sister shared the idea of Resurrection Rolls with me years ago. We used to make these with our kids when they were much younger. The opportunity gave us the time to grab their attention, engage them in conversation, answer questions (more of them as they age) and focus on the Easter story.

Here is the recipe:

Resurrection Rolls

You will need:

Large marshmallows

Brown sugar

Roll of crescent rolls

1. First grab a marshmallow. Don’t eat this one. You can eat one when we’re finished. We’re going to pretend this marshmallow is Jesus, and just like the women were going to do with Jesus after he came down from the cross, we’re going to put oils on this marshmallow.

2. We’re going to rub spices and perfumes–or for us, it’s brown sugar–all over it. Cover the marshmallow.

3. Unroll the crescent rolls and place them individually on the cookie sheet.

4. Then, just like they did with Jesus, we’re going to wrap this marshmallow into a tomb and seal it. Just like they did with Jesus.

5. And while the Resurrection Rolls bake (12 minutes at 375 degrees), read the Easter story from one of your favorite Bible story books. Stop along the way, commenting, making connections, and encouraging conversation between what we are hearing in church and how it relates to the resurrection rolls you are baking.

6. When the timer goes off, take the rolls out of the oven. Enjoy the tasty treat and get ready for even more great conversation!