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Feb 22, 2018

We need God’s help, the Holy Spirit, especially during Lent, to look at sin in our lives and root it out.  We also realize sin in our world and how we as Jesus’ disciples are to do what we can to help others avoid sin. 

During Lent, we are called to go into the desert of our lives and look at those desolate places in which we fail to allow God’s Word, the Bread of Life, to nourish us and give us life, to help us follow Him. Sometimes it might feel that because God loves us and is merciful we really don’t need to take a good look at our lives. We hear in the Book of Revelation:“I know your works;….So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” (Rev 3:15-16)  It is exactly because God loves us that He wants us to examine our lives because He knows that we need to in order for us to encounter Him more completely, to be on fire with the Holy Spirit.  Jesus said, after coming out from the desert where he had been tempted by the devil: "This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel." (Mk 1:15)  Jesus in part went into the desert to show us that we will be tempted like he was and that if we rely on God and His Grace, the Holy Spirit, we will be helped in time of temptation. If we fall into sin, the rejection of God’s grace and will, that God is there to forgive us if we repent and believe in Jesus. God wants us to be free and not allow sin to hold us captive so as we look at sin in our lives, confess our sins and strive to be better with God’s grace, sin indeed is rooted out of our lives.  

We are also called to acknowledge that we live in a fallen, broken, and a sinful world, yet as Christ’s disciples, we are to help others grow in Christ, give others hope. We have seen the evil that goes on in our world especially the attack on human life: shootings, abortion, and euthanasia. We have to remember that the devil wants to destroy us and all of God’s creation so we must be vigilant to his deceptions and work together to support one another, to follow God more and more every day. One area where the devil has deceived us is the idea that we can be religion “neutral”, that God has to be removed from the public arena especially in schools. If God is out, then a world view without God, essentially atheism is being promoted and taught in our schools and this needs to change. One subtle yet effective way to take God out of our world is through the teaching of the very poorly supported theory of molecule to man evolution; there is much more scientific evidence that supports that an all powerful being, namely God, created the world. If God is distant, uninvolved, and is letting our world go its own course then one might think we have been empowered to form the world according to our ways rather than God’s ways which leads to some of the problems that we see today. When we show others that God really is involved in our world, that we flourish when we follow God laws and order, that He created us in His image, and that each one of us is special, treasured, and has a purpose, our witness can lead them to God and give all much needed hope. We are to share the good news, in part by exposing sin, and help others find God so they repent and believe in the gospel.  

We are to pray that during Lent we may grow in our love of God, casting out those sins which get in the way of our relationship with God by repenting of them and seeking the help of God. We also pray that others in our society, especially those in our families and our friends may come to know of the love and mercy of God and open themselves up to His healing touch through repentance, knowing that He really is involved in our world. 

God bless you,
Fr. Paul Kubista