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Tanzania Update

Aug 16, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

On Monday I met with Partners 4 Hope Tanzania. During the meeting I was reminded of the rich history of Tanzania. Julius Nyerere was the first president of Tanzania in 1964 after they gained their independence from England and Germany. He was a Catholic! He did many things to help Tanzania with independence. He strengthened education and unified the country that had many tribes. The current president is John Magufali. He is the son of a peasant farmer He is a former school teacher, chemist and a devout Catholic. Yeah. I can’t wait to get a feel for this country that is poor and has many challenges, but has many things going for it.

Half of our Fund in Need (from the Spring Dinner) this year went to building a Church in Tanzania, East Africa. What we desire for ourselves, “safe sanctuary,” we want for our brothers and sisters. Fr. Innocent from the Same (som-may) Diocese in Tanzania has laid the foundation for the church in Maore village. For six years, the foundation laid bare. As is their custom, they build as they have money. The money ran out. Without a church in their village, it is virtually impossible for people to attend Mass or religious education classes. Thanks to your amazing generosity, construction has started on St. Thomas the Apostle in Gonja, Maore, Tanzania. It is exciting to see the work being done on a sacred space for them to give worship to God. Without you, it would still be a dream for them.

Pictures of the construction continue to come. A few weeks ago, we posted them on our website. There will be more in the future. The main contact in Africa for Partners 4 Hope Tanzania will be with us on September 23-24, Fr. Beda. He is a fascinating man since he is not only a priest but a doctor. We will be taking a second collection to provide medical supplies, micro loans to women, and scholarships for schools. Although this collection is separate from the Church we are building, it is this group, Partners 4 Hope that are overseeing the project of building the Church.

On October 30, Laura Stierman and I will be flying over to Maore village to see how construction is going, meet the bishop, and see the other good work Partners 4 Hope are doing. The cost of the trip is $2,790 for each of us. If you are willing to contribute to defray some of the cost for us that would be welcomed. Please contact me.

We will always be part of some missionary activity around the globe, because that is who we are. However, in October we will be focusing on securing our own St. Jude Church into the future. We continue to be part of God’s work on earth.

May you continue to have a blessed summer,

Fr. Cory Rohlfing