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The Lenten Journey

Mar 14, 2017

In our first reading, the Lord says to Abraham: “Go!” Leave behind everything you know and love. “Depart quickly!” On a journey with no clear destination. “You are chosen!” And blessed. In essence, the Lord says, “You have to TRUST ME. I have your best interests in my heart, and I am with you. This will be an amazing and wild
journey. Where we end up is all in your hands…”

And our Lenten journey? That amazing and wild journey? Like all the great journeys, there will be obstacles. And pain. And suffering. One of the early disciples, this man named Timothy that we heard about in the second reading, he was on the adventure of a lifetime too. He was Paul’s traveling-partner-in-crime, but was left behind in the
Roman province of Asia to bring the Word of Life to the Gentiles. And, oh how Timothy suffered. Paul writes to him: “Bear hardships!” You are
beloved. “Have Strength!” You are graced. “Be Holy!” You are Jesus for the world.

In the Gospel, Jesus has just told his disciples that Jerusalem is synonymous with suffering and death, and oh-by-the-way, we’re almost there. Even then, he looked upon his beloved band of ragtag and weary men with compassion, and gave them a glimpse of “what is to come” when they arrive at their final destination. “No worries.” I will rise from the dead. “Hang in there.” This is my Father’s will. “Do Not Be Afraid.” Listen to Me.

Our Lord has asked us to join Him on a Lenten journey. He’s willing to let us take the lead but wants guide us onto all the right paths. Along the way we will suffer a little, as we will want to take a left instead of the right. We might encounter some pain as we bend to His direction. But we are his Beloved. And this Lenten journey is worth dying-to-self for because #wewillbetransformed.