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There is a Rosary for Everybody!

Oct 7, 2016


There is a rosary for everybody!

It is never too early to introduce the rosary to your children and you are never too old to pick one up!

Here are a few tips to try..

0-2 Years old

  • Use big, chunky rosaries to start out. There are wooden, rubber or stuffed ones that can be found on line or at a religious store.
  • Show your children pictures of the Holy Family. Practice identifying pictures with names.
  • Practice the sign of the cross.
  • Say a few prayers of the rosary with them so they become familiar with the quiet time and prayers. They also see you praying- AWESOME!

3-7 Years Old

  • Encourage your child(ren) to pray with you.
  • Have your child(ren) pick out a rosary they like and make it their own.
  • Each Mystery is a story from scripture. Start putting together a story/timeline for them. This is an excellent activity to do while you are in the car or at an appointment.
  • Talk about the rosary. As the child(ren) get older, start saying a decade together. In no time they will be saying and leading their own!

8-12 Years Old

  • Make it a family activity- start saying the rosary together. Take turns saying prayers or even an entire decade.
  • Encourage the child(ren) to say the rosary on their own.
  • Have the family study the scripture and dig deeper into the history of the scripture.

Over 13 Years Old Crowd

  • There are several different types of rosaries. Find one that you like and works with your lifestyle.
  • Keep it with you. Maybe in your pocket or in the car change tray or on your desk?
  • Set aside a time that works with your schedule. How about while you are driving in the car?
  • Start and make the commitment to continue. Soon it will become a natural part of the day/night.

Enjoy the amazing peace filled time!