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Welcome Fr Beda

Oct 6, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

It was nice having Partners for Hope at St. Jude this past weekend. They are our friends who work in Tanzania, Africa providing a medical clinic, opportunities for children to study in school, catechesis programs, supplying water to different villages… and now we are helping them build a church in the area. The Church will be named St. Thomas More Catholic Church. I will be visiting Tanzania at the end of October and will be able to see how far they have gotten on the construction of the Church. I have not received the final total of the second collection for the church construction but I know it is over $10,000. I will get back to you when I have the official number.

I love the conversations I had with Fr. Beda, who was with us this weekend. He has a garden and pigs and chickens. The people in the village don’t realize why a doctor and priest needs to grow his own food and raise animals. A doctor and a priest can afford to buy food from others who bear the heavy burden of growing food and raising animals. But, Fr. Beda likes working outdoors; since most of his work is indoors. However, that might not be the biggest benefit for him. He realizes that he must set an example. We talked about living below our means. What this means is that God is calling us to live simply. We might be able to live a higher lifestyle because of our income but we are called to live below our means. It allows us to give to others. It gives us freedom so that we don’t become attached to the goods of this world. Gardening and taking care of animals to supply the food for his rectory is a great model of simplicity of life.

I still marvel at Fr. Beda rushing to mass, as he is running late, because he has just delivered baby. He is a priest who delivered 600 babies last year. This is amazing. What might even be stranger to me is that after Fr. Beda was ordained, then his Bishop asked him to study medicine because of the great need. The Bishop has now asked another priest of the diocese to do the same. How generous God is with the people who say, “yes” to His mission. God will provide for His people.

God bless,

Fr. Cory Rohlfing