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What is Adult School of Prayer?

Aug 30, 2016

What is the “Adult School of Prayer”? Father Cory has shared his discernment for St. Jude of the Lake Parish to become “more” prayerful. One step towards that goal is to have an ongoing offering of adult bible studies and small faith groups. The “Adult School of Prayer”, ASOP team discerns the offerings for the liturgical year, schedules, coordinates needed volunteers, event set-up and communications. The purpose of the ASOP is described in the Vision, Mission and Objectives. We have a mighty goal for our parish too!

Vision: Create and grow disciples of Christ in our Catholic Community at St. Jude of the Lake Parish.

Mission: Increase adult prayer opportunities and knowledge of our Catholic faith. This will be accomplished by providing community prayer, bible studies, book studies, and events where parishioners encounter Jesus Christ.

Objectives: Increase adoration and community prayer opportunities, provide speakers and studies to grow in the teaching of the Catholic church, and create small faith groups to build community.

Goal: Double the number of parishioners that participate in at least one ASOP offering each liturgical year, by end of 2017/18 liturgical year.

The ASOP team is a prayerful and action oriented team. If you have a passion to bring Adult Prayer & Studies to our parish, or be a study/group leader, contact Shelley Graff.