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Who is Jesus?

Aug 1, 2017

Who is Jesus?

At some point, we will all have to answer this question.

For Peter, James and John who witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus, it must have been an incredible experience filled with awe, astonishment, fear and joy all at that same time. Jesus was showing them who He was – and who they would become in Him. That vision would
forever change the way they viewed themselves, their daily lives and their mission.

In the first reading we hear the prophet Daniel’s vision of a future event “I saw one like a son of man coming on the clouds of heaven…he received dominion, glory and kingship…”

Do you know how many times Jesus refers to himself in the Gospels as “son of man”? Eighty times. The meaning of this may be lost on us, but it was not lost on the Jewish people or the religious leaders of Jesus’ time.

As Matthew Kelly writes in his book, Rediscover Jesus, “The Jewish people and their leaders were not confused about what Jesus was claiming. That’s why they accused him of blasphemy. That’s why they tried to stone him to death, because that was the punishment for blasphemy. Jesus claimed to be God. When Jesus said, ‘I am the Son of Man,’ he was speaking their language. He was saying to them, ‘I am the Messiah…I am the fulfillment of
Daniel’s vision.’”

Who is Jesus? Come and see. Matthew Kelly writes, “Whenever I make the effort to rediscover Jesus, he
surprises me. He confounds the stereotypes, reveals
unconsidered possibilities…reminds me of what matters most and what matters least, and brings real order to my life.”

Rediscover Jesus is written in a compelling, but
easy-to-read format and can be found in our parish
library, located between the church and the gathering space.

Be transformed. Rediscover Jesus.