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With Much Gratitude

Jul 21, 2016

Dear Saints of St. Jude’s Parish,
Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus be with you all. I am back to the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity to undertake another summer assignment and I deem it necessary to express my profound gratitude to you for all that you did for me.

My first gratitude goes to Fr. Cory Rolhfing for welcoming me wholeheartedly and giving me a holistic formation in the Spirit of God. He indeed shaped me after the heart of Jesus. I convey the same gratitude to the staff with whom I had closely worked. You have transformed me tremendously.

I am equally grateful to you Saints of St. Jude’s Parish. Thank you so much for your warm hospitality. I was touched by your deep prayer life and those inspiring conversations we had. Those encounters drew me closer to God. It is my prayer that God will reward each and every one of you with many favors both physically and spiritually.

A special thanks to all the groups, ministries and councils for allowing me participate in their meetings and spiritual exercises. It was a great honor for me to be part of those fruitful discussions. Thank you and keep the fire burning.

My experience with the Vacation Bible School was awesome and thanks to all the participants. I have come to appreciate better how important it is to have our kids soaked with the word of God especially in our times beset with so many challenges. The Church is assured of her future if she has youth who are God-fearing. And this is what I experienced with the youth of St. Jude’s parish; learning to be God fearing. I am grateful to you the parents for making it possible for me to be with the kids and I encourage you to continue offering them such opportunities so they can learn to grow in the spirit of Christ.

In conclusion, there is a saying in my local language that “the stranger has big eyes but he can’t see.” That is to say, as a visitor one can stray or step on people’s toes without seeing or knowing it. I ask for your forgiveness for any actions or inactions. It wasn’t my intention to hurt anybody. Be assured of my prayers for you and pray for me too. I will forever remember St. Jude’s parish. Remember to pray for the poor and feed them. Till we meet again, farewell!!!

St. Jude, pray for us.

Gabriel Ayamdoor