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You have the choice!

Nov 17, 2016

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May the grace and peace of Our Lord be with you this week! Whether you are
celebrating “Friendsgiving” or “Thanksgiving,” it is my prayer that you are filled with gratitude for family, friendships, and the abundant blessings that you have been given.

Today is the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe! It might be coincidence that our national holiday of thanks falls near our spiritual holiday of Christ the King. But I doubt it. In the Divine scheme of things, there is always providence, prudence, and a great deal of sheer pleasure. I call this the serendipity of God. As our good Father, He delights and shares in our joy as we find spiritual wonders amidst the everyday rhythm of life.

Spiritual wonders are necessary in today’s culture. My social-justice-minded daughter sent me a one line text on post-election Wednesday: “My heart aches and my stomach hurts.” I replied, “The sun will still rise each morning and set each night. You have the choice to do Good in the world. Be kind. Give Love. Have Hope. Pray for peace. Our Lord is King no matter who rules our country.” [Written like a mom-who-is-a-theologian, but she is used to that by now.]

Our readings today remind us that Our Lord is actually Our King and our mission is to bring about the Kingdom of God here on earth. That is what we pray in the Our Father: “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” We tend to take a deep breath in the middle of that sentence and separate the earthly work from the heavenly promise. But our mission as Catholics is reshape culture to resemble heaven! We’ve been given the gifts and the strength necessary for the work, we just need to #LoveLikeFrancis and get it done!

So let’s give thanks to the Lord for He is Good, remember that His kingdom is the one we’re after, and enjoy all the blessings that family and friends have to offer. Amen. Alleluia!

With warmth, grace and peace,

Laura Stierman,
Director of Formation