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Your Adventure Awaits

May 5, 2017

Your ADVENTURE awaits

Have you noticed “something different in the air” at St. Jude of the Lake? Friendship? Joy? Peace? Kindness? Happiness? An esprit de corps of adventure? It’s THE
HOLY SPIRIT and she is alive and present here!

As a school and parish staff, we’ve been trying to
articulate how our Spirit-infused community looks and what we are trying to accomplish. Thus, we’ve adopted a new mission statement:


A disciple is someone who accepts that Jesus is in charge of his/her life, then tries to model Jesus in all they do.
Pretty simple, right? A lot of ways to do that, yes? That’s the beauty of the faith. It looks different for everyone, yet we all have the same faith in Jesus Christ. It’s called
diversity in unity, and is the hallmark of Catholicism.

Everything I do here at St. Jude is aimed toward bringing folks into a deeper relationship with Our Lord and the Church he founded. I am trying to create disciples of Christ by building community, offering classes in the faith, walking with people on their faith journey no matter where they are. #beDisciples

And then I turn around and ask them to spread the joy, peace, happiness, and kindness to their friends. Invite them to Mass, Thursday Adoration, a Bible study, a class, or our Men’s group. #makeDisciples

In today’s readings, Peter encourages his people to stop listening to the cultural voices that promote vice and
immorality. John exhorts us to follow the sounds of our souls stirring to virtue and abundant life… the sound of the Good Shepherd calling us to the adventure of discipleship.

Are you ready for this adventure? Meet us at the gate of the Good Shepherd. We’re ready for you!