High School Ministry

Mission Possible

High school teens are compelled to work with the poor in volunteer service by the Holy Spirit working in their hearts. They see a need and they want to fill it. They believe it is possible to change the world, one small step at a time. They know they have a mission in this world to do so. Mission Possible is a call to serve both the Church and the community, and at the same time help our teens to feel as though they are valued and belong here. The events are designed to be both mission-driven and fun.

The ability to be the hands and feet of Jesus and encounter those in need also draws our high school students into a deeper relationship with the church and their own faith. In return, we are blessed by their generosity and often ignited into to service of our own by their passion. Thus, our entire community, is enriched and re-energized.

Questions: Contact Laura Stierman

Steubenville 2020

TEENS! At the core of our being is a desire for meaningful connections and authentic opportunities for leadership, service, and faith conversations. We have questions that need answered. We want to do the right thing, but aren’t sure how or where to look to for guidance. As we’re thinking about these questions, there comes a roar that shakes our foundations: “You were given a faith in baptism that was confirmed. Let me show how powerful you can be!” Our theme is RESTORE!
RESTORE and re-activate your leadership skills.
RESTORE and re-energize your friendships.
RESTORE and re-embrace your faith life.
RESTORE and re-invigorate your desire for service and social justice.
RESTORE our parish too. You are needed and valued here. Go on the amazing adventure that is Steubenville Rochester!

RESTORE us, O God; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved. Psalm 80:3

PARENTS: One of the jokes that will be told to open the Conference goes like this: “If this is your first OR even your fifth time at Steubenville, we hope that you encounter God is a new and deeper way. If this is your first time here, get ready to have your world changed. If you are one of those kids who thought they were going to football camp… Sorry! But welcome… and in the end, you’ll thank your parents for not sending you to football camp.”


Your teen may not be “all in” for going to a Catholic youth conferences. Our St. Jude Leadership team juniors and seniors (11 of them) are coming and leading the way. Your kids will see other normal kids having a faith life. These juniors and seniors are athletes, academics, in leadership positions, and just all around great teens for your child to hang around with. The speakers at this conference know teens… their struggles, pain, joys, and accomplishments. Everyone gets something out of the conference, including me. Your kids BELONG here. Spaces are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.
Call Laura Stierman with questions.

We will Register 30 students and chaperones this year. Let’s show the University of St. Thomas that St. Jude teens are alive and well! You will NOT regret the experience that is the Steubenville Youth Conference.

FEE: Registration forms and $150 payment are due by January 31st. We have 2 fundraisers this year, both during Lent. Scholarships are available.

Registration forms available mid-December

Thursday, July 23th @ 1:00pm

  • Feed My Starving Children service project 2-5pm
  • Dinner & Evening Prayer @ ARK
    community building
  • Adoration with praise & worship music and confessions
  • Lights out by midnight

Men sleep in the Upper Commons, women in Kohler Hall

Friday, July 24th

  • Mass @ 9:00am
  • Rosary Walk/Breakfast at 4 Seasons
  • Service Project
  • Lunch
  • Depart for Youth Conference @ University of St. Thomas

Friday through Sunday, July 26th
CONFERENCE! Join 2,000 other teens who will listen to talks on leadership and life skills by national speakers. Attend Mass. Go to Confession. Experience the most powerful adoration encounter with the Lord that you will ever see. Rock out with SONAR.Return home about 2:00pm on Sunday, July 26th.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

The St. Jude of the Lake Leadership team is composed of high school juniors and seniors who have an active faith life and integrate this faith into their daily lives. The mission of the Leadership team is three-fold: (a) to deepen the faith life of the individual members; (b) to provide Catholic leadership training based on character development; (c) to provide opportunities for leadership in the Church.

Leadership models usually begin with an assessment of skills, gifts, and personality. Very few programs attempt development and formation of character as its basis. We aim for the latter model, namely that a Catholic leader is someone who understands the teaching of Jesus as the center of their life, created in the image and likeness of God, rather than simply a static personality or a skill set that someone learns. This means that faith and character are the foundation upon which skills are nurtured. Applications are available on request or by invitation.

Leadership opportunities include Wednesday night ARK Nights, running Teen Zone during Cornfest, teaching as a catechist, serving as a Eucharistic minister, lector, or usher, and other volunteer activities

Contact Laura Stierman


Discipleship Groups (D-Groups):

Students: Do you want a solid group of friends to grow in your faith from now until you graduate high school?

D-Groups consist of 5-7 friends (guys or girls – single gender groups) of the same grade who gather on a regular basis to discuss life, grow in their faith, have FUN!, and seek support for the challenges and joys of their high school years. Meetings occur off-campus… in homes or coffee shops in the area! Groups may self-form or individuals may contact Laura Stierman to be added to a group.

Adults: D-groups are led by a trained adult volunteer (a “Mentor”) who uses the D-Group curriculum found on FORMED.org. Parents are encouraged to host at least one session at their home – so that they can see how cool the information is and know what is going on in their child’s faith life. Men mentors are especially needed!
To form a group, be added to a group, or to be an adult Mentor, contact Laura Stierman