We are building a Church in Tanzania, East Africa. What we desire for ourselves, “safe sanctuary” we want for our brothers and sisters. Fr. Innocent from the Same (Som-may) Diocese in Tanzania has laid the foundation for the church in Maore Village. As is their custom, they build as they have money. The village is located at the base of the South Pare Mountains, where most of the villagers work in the rice fields and earn an average of 50 cents per day. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world.

We have partnered with Partners 4 Hope Tanzania, located in Stillwater MN, and currently supports a medical clinic, sponsorships for kids needing school tuition and provides micro-loans for single mothers to start a small business and provide for their family. They would like us to partner with them to build a Catholic Church. Without a church in their village, it is virtually impossible for people to attend Mass or religious education classes.