St. Jude Church & School Wish List

Celebrate the spirit of giving this Advent season by giving towards our St. Jude of the Lake Wish List. By choosing to give toward our Wish List, you are contributing to items that not only maintain and improve our facilities, but also bring beauty and joy to our Parish.  As you explore the list, consider the unique ways in which you can contribute to the needs of our community, allowing your generosity to be a reflection of your own heartfelt connection to our Parish. May this Christmas be a time of thoughtful giving and shared blessings. Thank you for answering the call to make a difference in a way that resonates with your own spirit.

Please note: costs listed above are estimates; actual costs may be more or less than the amount listed. Please know that any designated donations remaining after project completion will be re-designated to another prioritized purpose. Thank you!

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