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“Religion is just blind faith.” “Christians don’t believe established science.” “Believing in God is the stuff of fairy tales.” These claims, and many like them, have become increasingly common in our world. Possibly in workplace discussions or among friends. Definitely within schools and on the internet. The question is, how can we respond to them, and how can we protect ourselves and our families against such forcefully presented ideas?  

The men of St. Jude’s parish are invited to attend a presentation and discussion pertaining to how the Catholic faith relates to science and the robust intellectual history the Church has in defending her beliefs, especially against secular worldviews. Some of the discussion will include such topics as the position of the Church on scientific theories such as evolution and Big Bang Cosmology, whether science shows that only matter exists, and whether or not science is the only true kind of knowledge.   

Men of all ages and professions are free to attend, although it is particularly encouraged that fathers of children in middle and high school show up, along with their sons, in order to be given resources and skills in discussing these topics with teens, who are perhaps most impacted by these secular voices. A light meal will be provided after the evening Mass.