Annual Dinner & Action: Seis de Mayo

Dreaming of a colorful Cabo San Lucas vacation in the midst of our long, white winter? Yearning for a little warmth-of-the-sun? Want to leave your cares behind and bring along an attitude of extravagance? We can help. Reserve the evening of May 6th for our annual Spring Dinner and Auction, as our theme for the year is “Seis de Mayo” – the 6th of May – and our attitude is adventure, excitement, and just a bit of over-the-top Minnesota extravagance.

We are ready for you to register for the Seis de Mayo Spring Dinner! Preparations are underway to bring you a fabulously warm, colorful, and delicious South of the Border resort experience on Saturday, May 6. Imagine yourself at a 5-star, all-inclusive, without the long travel. So find your best colorful resort casual attire and prepare to enjoy great food, fun music, and incredible food! Register below.

Did you donate something fabulous for the auction last year? Would you like to do that again? It would certainly be welcome! There are also some fabulous ideas on the boards at the entrances. See if there is something there you would enjoy giving (as well as winning).

Would you like to win una cena deliciosa (a delicious dinner) prepared by culinary artist Matthew Corbett? Perhaps a vacation in a fabulous destination? O a noche de pelicula (or a movie night) with all the drinks and munchies provided to keep the kids occupied while you sip some sangria? Or a Mother’s Day bag filled with love and care? Or some colorful plants from Gertens to transform your own backyard into a paraiso (paradise). We have something exciting for everyone, desde pequena a la grande (from small to large), so no matter which beach you set su paraguas (your umbrella) upon, we’ve got a basket for you to bid on.

And if you would like to volunteer to be part of the planning and setup effort, please contact Diana Moberg or Christi Schmidt

2023 Fund-In-Need

In 2001, generous donors provided for the expansion of our campus in what is now called the ministry center, cafeteria, bowling alley storage areas, and classrooms. This space now needs some necessary repairs and renovations to continue serving our community, and this year’s Fund-A-Need will support these projects.

  1. With the exciting reinstatement of our St. Jude of the Lake Catholic Middle School, the upper commons area has taken new shape. The final step in this renovation project is the creation of a new learning space in the current staff lounge, and the addition of a new staff restroom. In our school, we are required to have separate restrooms for adults and children, and currently 42 adults share one restroom during the school day.
  2. The 2001 building addition serves parish functions, Faith Formation classes, our Catholic school, and the St. Jude of the Lake Discovery Center. Some of the window frames on this end of campus have suffered weather damage and are beginning to deteriorate. The window frames must be replaced soon so that our mission can continue!

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