Hosting Sunday Fellowship

Hosting Sunday Fellowship is simple and a wonderful gesture of generosity to all who attend!  Invite friends, groups, ministries, Scouts or anyone you know, or would like to know, to join you to host Sunday Fellowship.

Fresh donuts are delivered to the Church.  You simply plate the donuts, make coffee (instructions are provided) set the table with coffee cups and napkins, and fill the large container with water and ice.  As many Sundays as we have volunteers, we can host Sunday Fellowship.  We begin in September and end in May. 

The group for 9:00 mass plates the donuts, makes the coffee, sets up a table for coffee, for donuts, and one for water and juice boxes.  The group hosting 11:00 Mass cleans everything up and reboxes any leftover donuts, then washes the tables.  Detailed instructions are provided for both Masses.

Sunday Fellowship instructions.