Family Requirements for Confirmation

Our sacramental program is family-oriented. As the primary educator of your child, a parent’s faith journey is important to us. As we only see your children for less than 24 hours of instruction time/year, you get most of the deep questions of the faith. We are here to support and encourage parents on their faith journey.

Confirmation Registration: Wednesdays, September 11th or 18th at 7:00 pm in Kohler Hall.

Please choose one parent meeting to register your child. If you are unable to attend either parent meetings, please contact Laura Stierman to arrange a meeting date. All parents meet with Laura to register their child for the sacrament.

Parents will:

  • Volunteer at the overnight retreat or a class period
  • Attend the final class of the year, April 22 at 4:15 – 5:30pm

The student will:

  • have completed a 7th grade faith formation program
  • be in the 8th grade or older
  • be open to the faith and teachings of the Magesterium
  • attend Sunday Mass and various rituals during the year (Stations, Adoration, e.g.)
  • complete the Sponsor activities with their sponsor
  • complete the service options (parish, community, family)

Time Commitment

Confirmation classes meet each Wednesday at 4:15pm in Kohler Hall. Faith Formation K-7 classes also meet at this time.

The focus of our Confirmation is to bring students into a deeper relationship with Our Lord and his Church.
We use a “small group ministry” model. All students meet together in one large room and are assigned small groups; parents and college students lead a group of 6-8 students of one gender. We teach an opening topic/video, then break into small groups and discuss the content. Parents receive the link to the videos prior to class and questions to ask their children following class.

If a child misses a class for whatever reason – sport practice, illness, school function, family emergency – we send the video link to the parents, they teach the lesson, and the child returns a homework sheet the following week.

Confirmation Sponsors

Sponsors play a huge role under Archbishop Hebda’s leadership in the Archdiocese, and we follow his lead. The Friday night portion of the Confirmation Retreat will be geared toward the sponsor-candidate relationship. Sponsors are required for the Cathedral anointing and the Rite of Acceptance at St Jude. In addition, sponsors meet with their students throughout the year and work together on a faith journey.

2020 Confirmation Dates

Tuesday, April 28th, at the Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN (required)
Sunday, May 3, at the 11am Mass at St. Jude of the Lake, Mahtomedi, MN (required)

Confirmation classes meet each Wednesday at 4:15pm in Kohler Hall. Faith Formation K-7 classes also meet at this time.

Have any questions about Confirmation? I would love to chat with you!

Laura StiermanDirector of Formation