Ignite Your Child's Faith Journey

Family Faith Formation: K - 7th grade

Family Faith Formation is our program to help children and early teens develop a loving relationship with Christ and embrace the life of the Catholic Church. 

Family Faith Formation meets on Wednesdays, 4:15 – 5:30 pm. The 2023-24 Faith Formation Season dates will be coming soon. 

Lessons are enhanced in a community-building environment through participation in Mass, Reconciliation, and partnered events with St. Jude of the Lake Catholic School. 

We have a new vision for catechesis and will be undergoing a catechetical renewal which requires new catechetical models to help children, teachers, parents, and families discover their authentic Catholic identity to reinvigorate fruitful participation in the Church’s life and mission. The curriculum we use is the transformative Word of Life program. Click the link to find out more about this curriculum https://overview.wordoflifeseries.org/

Word of Life Uses Four Golden Catechetical Threads to Address These Needs

  1. Salvation History: Tells the story of God’s presence and plan in history and our place in that plan.
  2. Anthropology: Reveals our identity in Christ and who we are called to be.
    Heroic Virtue and Character
  3. Formation: Makes clear that our dignity and purpose are found by choosing to live with heroic virtue and character.
    Learning through
  4. Discipleship: Witnesses ways to inspire students to live as committed disciples of Christ.

Help your child find their authentic Catholic identity by registering them for Family Faith Formation! 

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If you have questions, please contact our Faith Formation Coordinator, Frank Pavlick.

Faith Formation Volunteers: We are always looking for wonderful parent and family members to assist in our Family Faith Formation sessions as catechists, classroom aides, substitute teachers, front door and hall monitors.

  • High school teens are welcome to be classroom aides in the lower grades.
  • All of our volunteer catechists have received the diocesan-approved clearances to work with our students as well as offered additional catechist training throughout the year.
  • Any person wishing to volunteer to assist with Faith formation programs must obtain full Diocesan clearances. Please contact Frank Pavlick for more information.

Special events for students will be offered throughout the year including:  

  • Student participation Mass where each grade from 2nd through 7th will fully participate in the Liturgy. (Dates and times TBA) 
  • Altar server training for any student who wishes to participate.
  • Sacramental information meetings – mandatory for parent and student (grade 2).
  • Sacramental retreats for students in grade 2 making their 1st reconciliation and 1st communion will be coming soon. Parents and children must attend.
  • Opportunity for students to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Faith Formation session (during Advent and Lent)
  • In conjunction with our Family Ministry, students are invited to participate in our Living Stations, Family Fun Nights, Advent and Lent Prep Nights
  • Family Faith Formation Dinner nights right after classes. All families are encouraged to attend.