The birth of a child is a glorious gift from God. Baptism is a sacrament of initiation into the body of Christ, the Church, and we welcome you and your family to our parish community.

Baptisms are generally celebrated on the third Sunday of each month during Mass (limit to 3 baptisms per Mass). Baptisms are not celebrated during First Communion season. If there is a special circumstance or special need please contact Laura Stierman.


2018 Baptism Dates:

January 14 (11:00 am)  August 19 (11:00 am)
February 17 (5:00 pm)  September 15 (5:00 pm)
March 18 (9:00 am)  October 21 (9:00 am)
May 20 (11:00 am) FULL  November 18 (11:00 am)
June 16 (5:00 pm) December 15 (5:00 pm)
July 15 (9:00 am)  

Parents who seek baptism for their child demonstrate great love. The act of requesting baptism is a sign of the parent’s own discipleship and their desire to have their child be in relationship with God and the people of God.

First time parents are required to meet with the Laura Stierman prior to the baptism.Our baptism class provides an opportunity to discuss the meaning of baptism and the importance of the commitment being made.

Parents of the child to be baptized must be registered members of St. Jude of the Lake Parish. People new to the area may register at the time of the pre-baptismal meeting.

If this is your first child, our faith preparation includes a baptism class! You may take the class six months prior to your baptismal date; we encourage you take the class before your newest angel arrives (while you are not sleep deprived and still have your hands free). Please contact Laura Stierman with any questions. Baptismal classes will be held on the following dates at 7:00pm in the parish office.

2018 Class Dates:

January 9 July 10
February 13 August 14
March 13 September 11
May 15 October 9
June 12 November 13
  December 11

If you are interested in Baptism, please complete the form in its entirety. This information is used for the official records keeping of the church. You should receive an email thanking your for your interest, if you do not, please contact Laura Stierman.

I am interested in having my child baptized.