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Mahtomedi Area Food Shelf

Oct 2, 2014

In 1974 Jim Klein, a long time parishioner of St. Jude of the Lake Church, formed the Mahtomedi Area Food Shelf. It was and remains an outreach ministry of St. Jude of the Lake Church. In the beginning the food was stored in the basement of the church office. Volunteers packed the bags and the food was distributed out of the Parish Office. In 1999 the garage attached to the church office was turned into the new Food Shelf space, which is where it still resides. In 2006 the Food Shelf secured a grant for renovation.

The mission of the Mahtomedi Area Food Shelf is to provide nutritional assistance to individuals and families in need living within the Mahtomedi Community. We achieve our mission by securing wholesome food and offering compassionate and courteous service. We conscientiously manage our resources through efficient business practices.

The Mahtomedi Area Food Shelf has a coordinator that is employed for 25 to 30 hours a week.

The Food Shelf has a committee apprised of at least one representative from the Mahtomedi area churches and civic organizations and at least one Food Shelf volunteer. The committee’s purpose is to network all the churches, civic organizations and businesses in the area of the Food Shelf, to expand the human and material resources available to the Food Shelf, and to support to the Food Shelf Coordinator. The committee also has as its purpose to advise on policy and operations as needed, to address volunteer recruitment and retention and to provide volunteer appreciation.

The Food Shelf services the Mahtomedi School District #832. The Food Shelf has more than 50 regular volunteers who come in on a daily basis to pack orders, put food donations on the shelves and help distribute food. The Food shelf also has groups of children from the Mahtomedi School District, St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church and St. Jude of the Lake School who come and help. In conjunction with our regular volunteers the Food Shelf supports the Washington County community service program and we can have up to four to six persons serving out their community service at the Food Shelf in a given year.

The Food Shelf served 1133 families in 2013 which was a 4% increase over 2012.

Clients receive 5-7 days worth of food including 1 ½  gallons of 1% milk, 1 dozen eggs, 12 slices of American cheese and 8-12 lbs of meat and frozen items. The quantity is dependent on the family size and the frozen items that are available. This year the Mahtomedi Area Food Shelf has also added fresh produce to the items given. During the summer months we receive produce from many local farmers and during the winter months we have been able to use funds to purchase the produce.

The Food Shelf receives food from food drives, local churches, people in the community, local civic groups, the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, Mahtomedi School District, the parishioners of St. Jude of the Lake church and students and families of St. Jude of the Lake School.

The Food Shelf is a member of Second Harvest Heartland Food Bank. This allows the Food Shelf to acquire food items including meats, dairy products and produce at a very discounted rate.

If you would like to help in any way please contact Michelle Stiepan, Food Shelf Coordinator.