St. Jude 101

Father Chad’s Top 10 Ways to Experience Greater Belonging at St. Jude’s

  Become parishioners
Register with our parish! Save our emergency number in your phones and share it with family members, 651-403-5473.

  Complete sacraments
Become Catholic or complete all sacraments (confirmation, marriage blessing, etc.) for yourself or your children

  Tell us about you
Let us know your interests, talents, and charisms

  Get involved
Join one of our many ministries and share your talents with our community,

Pastoral Care
Liturgical Support
Education & Formation
Discipleship & Evangelization
Welcoming Ministries
Dorothy Day
Mahtomedi Area Food Shelf

  Submit your photo
Share a photo for our directory and download our digital (app) directory

  Make connections
Introduce yourself to a family you don’t know and schedule a meal together

  Join a small group
Be the first to join a small group! Groups starting Feb 2024
Take the survey and let us know what topics you would like to discuss and when you are available to be a part of a small group.

  Sign up for online giving
It’s easy, secure, and hassle-free. Set up recurring donations or give on the go – whenever, wherever.

  Have your house blessed
By Fr. Chad or Deacon Frank

  Connect to our calendar
Sign up for Flocknnote and follow our calendar and add reoccurring events and important dates to yours so you don’t miss anything!