Youth Ministry

Steubenville 2020

Steubenville – Catholic Conference to bring High Schoolers into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ

June 22nd-28th

We have questions that need answering. Especially as young people, we want to do the right thing but aren’t sure how or where to look for guidance. As we’re thinking about these questions, there comes a roar that shakes our foundations: 

“You were given a faith in baptism that was confirmed. Let me show how powerful you can be!” BE FEARLESS! 

Check out this video to get a taste of what Steubenville is:

For the first time ever, St. Jude of the Lake is going to Steubenville, OH!


Your teen may not be “all in” for going to a Catholic youth conference. Our St. Jude Leadership team juniors and seniors (11 of them) are coming and leading the way. Your kids will see other normal kids having a faith life. These juniors and seniors are athletes, academics, in leadership positions, and just all-around great teens for your child to hang around with. The speakers at this conference know teens… their struggles, pain, joys, and accomplishments. Everyone gets something out of the conference, including me. Your kids BELONG here. 

Spaces are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.Call Christina Malloy with questions.

We will Register 25 students and 5 chaperones this year. You will NOT regret the experience. 

Click here to get additional information and the registration form:

We are looking for generous people who would like to sponsor a youth, chaperone or just want to help.  Be an ambassador of faith.

Experience the life-changing love of Christ and be strengthened in your journey of discipleship with thousands of Catholics from around the world.

Steubenville Dates: June 22nd-June 28th

Steubenville Travel Dates.

  • Wednesday, June 22nd: Mini Retreat at St. Jude’s
  • Thursday, June 23rd: Leave at 5 am for South Bend, IN (7.5 hours)
    • Arrive at Notre Dame between 1-2 pm
    • Lunch in South Bend, tour around Notre Dame the rest of the afternoon
    • Stay the Night In South Bend
  • Friday, June 24th: Leave at 6 am (subject to change) for Steubenville (6 hrs)
  • Friday, June 24th – Sunday, June 26th: Steubi
  • Sunday, June 26th: Leave Steubi for Sandusky, OH (3 hours)
    • Dinner in Sandusky
  • Monday, June 27th: CEDAR POINT
  • Tuesday, June 28th: Drive 11 hours back to St. Jude. (Get back before dinner time is the hope!)

Look for the registration forms in the Gather Space and the parish office. If you have any questions contact Christina Malloy,

Total Cost: $400 
This covers the registration fee for the conference, housing, meals for the week, Cedar Pointe amusement park admission, and a little of the bus cost. We still need to raise about $8000 to cover the rest of the bus and other expenses. 

Catholic Youth Summer Camp

Catholic Youth Summer Camp hosted by Damascus Missions is a week-long camp opportunity for grades 6th-8th graders. (8th graders who’ve just graduated 8th grade are welcome to attend).
Damascus’s mission is to awaken, empower, and equip a generation to live the adventure of the Catholic faith through world-class programs and an environment of encounter. 
Check out this video and their website to get a better idea of how amazing Catholic Youth Summer Camp with Damascus looks like.
There are 2 separate dates available for St. Jude of the Lake! So, Hurry!
There are only have 5 boy spots and 5 girl spots for July 10th-15th.
and 8 girl spots for July 31st-August 5th dates

DEADLINE April 1st

To register your Middle Schoolers, follow this instructional video:

Code for your St. Jude of the Lake SESSION 5 (5 boys, 6 girls): 5JUDENW22
Second, the link specific for your session #5:
Code for St. Jude of the Lake SESSION 8(10 girls): 8JUDENW22
Please, please, please, contact Christina Malloy for questions and if you want to register. 

Totus Tuus

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

The St. Jude of the Lake Leadership team is composed of high school juniors and seniors who have an active faith life and integrate this faith into their daily lives. The mission of the Leadership team is three-fold: (a) to deepen the faith life of the individual members; (b) to provide Catholic leadership training based on character development; (c) to provide opportunities for leadership in the Church.

Leadership models usually begin with an assessment of skills, gifts, and personality. Very few programs attempt development and formation of character as its basis. We aim for the latter model, namely that a Catholic leader is someone who understands the teaching of Jesus as the center of their life, created in the image and likeness of God, rather than simply a static personality or a skill set that someone learns. This means that faith and character are the foundation upon which skills are nurtured. Applications are available by invitation and below by clicking the button. 

Leadership opportunities include running Teen Zone during Cornfest, helping with confirmation retreat, teaching as a catechist, serving as a Eucharistic minister, lector, or usher, and other volunteer activities.

Contact Christina Malloy

Mission Possible

One of the great gifts high schoolers have to offer is their time and generosity. The Holy Spirit works through those who are open to sharing the gospel and doing great acts of charity. 

Mission Possible empowers teens to strengthen their identity in Christ through providing opportunities for them to serve the Church and the community. These service events are both missionary in design and loads of fun. Through these projects, our youth grow in servant leadership and inspire us to be leaders as well. 

Questions: Contact Christina Malloy


Discipleship Groups (D-Groups):

Do you want a solid group of friends to grow in your faith from now until you graduate high school? Do you miss your small group from Confirmation, want to form Authentic Friendships, and want a good support group of people who will all walk together in faith?

Discipleship groups (D-groups) consist of 5-7 friends (guys or girls – single-gender groups) of the same grade who gather on a regular basis to discuss life, grow in their faith, have fellowship, and seek support for the challenges and joys of their high school years. Meetings occur off-campus… in homes or coffee shops in the area! 

If you want to form your own group or want to be added to one, contact Christina Malloy

Adults: D-groups are led by a trained adult volunteer (a “Mentor”) who will be using a YDisciple series. Parents are encouraged to host at least one session at their home – so that they can see how cool the information is and know what is going on in their child’s faith life. Men mentors are especially needed!

Check out to check out YDisciple.

Duc in Altum


Are you looking for a place to belong? Are you looking for community, friends, and to be with people that share the same faith as you?
What are you searching for? Who do you seek?
 “Duc in Altum” means “...into the deep,in Latin coming from when Jesus says to Simon Peter:  “Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch.” This called Simon Peter to discover the depth of Jesus and His grace.
If you are a Freshman through Senior in High School, Duc in Altum is for you! 
Especially as we’re continuing to discover who we are as people, we also need each other to help us discover who God created us to be. 
So, come to Duc in Altum nights for greater community and a good time!
For updates or questions: contact Christina Malloy